When will my frame be finished?

We get this question a LOT during November and December…

“When will this be ready?”

Here’s a look into the typical turnaround of projects at the store.

Most of the frame choices here are special order.  This doesn’t mean they’re more expensive, it just means we don’t have sticks of it in the backroom waiting to be made into frames. We order materials on Tuesdays and get the deliveries by the end of the work week. So with a special order frame or matting, you can usually have your project a week or so after the frame order date.  The specific date will also depend on how many other frames we have due the same day.

Some of our frames are in-stock, so we can usually have those ready faster, and sometimes in just a few days.

For projects that aren’t complete custom frames (like a mat or glass to go, etc…) we try to get them turned around as fast as we can, hopefully while you wait!

As we move towards the holidays, just let us know when you need your frame! We will try our very best to accommodate you!


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